other group - resizedThere’s more to living naturally than moisturizers and lip balm.  It’s amazing what you can pull out of your kitchen cupboards if you know where to look…

Facial exfoliant A simple natural exfoliant made from oatmeal and lavender, gentle enough for the face and neck, even for those with the most sensitive skin.  

Can also be used as a nourishing face mask.

60ml: $5    —    120 ml: $8    —    250ml: $12

Facial scrub Sea salt and astringent herbs added to the facial exfoliant for a stronger cleansing. 

Can also be used as an astringent face mask.

*Not recommended for sensitive skin.

      60ml: $5    —    120 ml: $8    —    250ml: $12

Massage bars Subtle scents in a melting bar.  Enough to smooth a massage without the mess of oils or lotions.

  • Relaxing (Lavender and Eucalyptus)
  • Energizing (Sweet Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon)
  • Romance (Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Rose)

mini: $4    —    40g: $6

Natural deodorant Baking soda and arrowroot powder in a coconut oil and shea butter base.  A soft paste with essential oils to soothe sensitive underarm skin and natural deodorizers to keep everyone happy.

60ml: $10    —    120ml: $15

Sample packs Not sure where to start?  Try a sample pack.

Mini balm pack:

  • Mini muscle balm
  • Mini massage bar
  • Lip balm


$12 ($17 value)

Summer pack:

  • Mini muscle balm
  • 15oz lavender cream
  • Lip balm
  • Bug balm
  • Bite balm

 $22 ($29 value)

Facial pack:

  • 60ml cold cream
  • 60ml facial exfoliant
  • Crocheted cotton wash pad

$15 ($18 value)

Winter pack:

  • Full-size muscle balm
  • 15oz lavender cream
  • 2 oz sunflower jelly
  • Calendula lip balm

$32 ($40 value)

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