We start with simple ingredients–beeswax and aloe and oils–and blend them together to create rich creams that soothe, protect and moisturize. 

No preservatives, no stabilizers.  Just the healing power of nature.

Creams will last longer if refrigerated.  

30ml: $10   —   60ml: $15

Calendula The original recipe.  Hand harvested calendula flowers, dried and steeped in 100% olive oil, form the base for this heavy cream.
Lavender Hand harvested lavender greens and blossoms infused in 100% olive oil.  Another heavy cream to soothe and protect.
Dead Sea salt A lighter cream based on sunflower oil, with natural salts from the Dead Sea dissolved in aloe vera.
Clarifying Frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree oil and vitamin E in the lighter sunflower oil base.
Rose What to do when you can’t find the perfume you used to buy mum for her birthday…  throw her favourite scent into the sunflower cream.  Just the right amount of rose to keep the perfume away.
Plain For the home oiler or enthusiast who likes to mix their own…  The sunflower cream is the perfect base for adding your own selection of essential oils OR for use when unscented is the watchword of the day.

30ml: $8   —   60ml: $12

Cold Cream Vegetable shortening and jojoba oil whipped together to create a cream that sops up stubborn makeup without leaching oils and moisture from the skin.
Sunflower jelly Beeswax and sunflower oil, stirred gently to create a soft moisturizer/barrier quality cream similar to petroleum jelly without mineral oil.

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