And temptation is never far away…

when they march up the stairs and declare, just as I am starting something that has to be done and really can’t be interrupted (or so it feels at the time) that they have no shampoo so they are going to Walmart… well, it’s just so easy to not yell out “No!”

But that’s so weird…

I have learned that there are two groups of people looking for ‘natural’ solutions:  people who are willing to give up what they are used to to get ‘natural’ and people want the same look, feel, smell and instructions from their new naturals as they get from their current commercial chemical concoctions. 

What else is in the bath water?

It is true that laundry detergent is nothing like the crude oil from which it is distilled, but I have to wonder how it fits in with the latest version of my own personal quest for more natural living and my guiding rule: use things as close to their natural state as possible.  I think, perhaps, it is the antithesis of what I am trying to do so I will keep looking for something better

Is it shampoo or is it salad dressing?

Eventually, I put two and two together and came up with the first of many ‘lightbulb’ moments that have led me to where I am today.  I realized that healthy hair needs a healthy scalp (since that’s where the hair comes from) and so I wondered if fixing the scalp was more important than fixing the hair.  But I didn’t hit this point without years of suffering as the shampoos and conditioners slowly leached the health out of both.

What are you like?

We go all our lives sorting our memories, friends, experiences and knowledge according to what they ARE (well, by what we perceive them to be, really).  But when people try to sell us stuff, especially stuff for taking care of our bodies, they try to sell us on what a thing (or result) is LIKE.

Is it really worth it?

When I first started thinking about this (many years ago) there were hundreds of thousands of chemical additives approved by the FDA for use in food (yes, just food).  Less than 5,000 of them had been properly tested for the effects they would have in our bloodstreams.  I hope that ratio has changed.  I’m not sure if I harbour any hope that it has…

I finally figured it out…

As a society, we have ignored our human-ness. We have branded it fancy, naivetee, eccentricity, primitive social patterns, old-world ideals. We have maligned and outsourced the things that we are programmed to do and that keep ourselves and our loved ones whole, healthy and alive

Getting back to natural

It’s all spin and many of us know it but we keep on buying the cleaners because they make the chores easy and the walls sparkly and the cough goes away and the cuts heal and the hair is shiny and the cupboards full and the laundry fragrant and on and on and on…

When are you?

We are bombarded daily by messages about preparing for the future and pleas to honour or heal the past. It’s ironic, then, that one of the most powerful self-help messages being passed around right now is about living in the moment.