A long time ago, I had three little children with a range of allergies, skin sensitivities, dietary intolerances and other health problems.  The doctor gave us options that helped the symptoms a bit but didn’t really make the problems go away so I decided to try a different approach.   

I developed my first recipe, the calendula cream, after much reading and gardening.  The recipe worked so well for our skin that I continued to read on the topic of natural healing and began to experiment with other recipes and ingredients. 

The result?  A family with fewer itches and a better sense of the balance nature can provide for each of us … and the idea that I could share this with others.

I believe that:

  • if you can’t pick it, dig it up or capture it, it isn’t natural
  • if you can smell it, it’s in your bloodstream
  • if it’s on your skin, it’s also in your bloodstream
  • natural means natural, not safe
  • natural and naturally sourced are not the same thing
  • when natural living is about reclaiming your true place in the natural world, the healing and balance take care of themselves