What did you create today?

Everyone has their own way of approaching challenges, obstacles, opportunities, even just the day to day of life.  How we choose to think about it and how we describe what “it” even is can have a lot to do with how things look and feel at the end of it all.  No matter what we are doing, the words we choose in our thoughts and speech define the moment for ourselves and, ultimately, for everyone else who has to deal with us.

Let us take, as our example, the humble world balance.  I like that word.  We hear and use it often in our modern existence and we talk a whole lot about achieving it.  We seek it in meditation, telling ourselves we do not yet have it.  We pray for it while juggling tasks at home (see the judgement?).  We miss it in moments of crisis, as if it could leave without us actually letting it go…  

There are really two parts to this… 

First, we add meaning, create uncertainty, fear, judgment and helplessness by telling ourselves we don’t have it, have had it taken from us, or have somehow lost it.  Often without even noticing that we have done it.  

balanceAnd second, by focusing so wholly on balance as the goal, the one wonderful thing that will see us through all of life’s challenges, we have changed the meaning of the word itself.  Think back to the last teeter totter that tipped you on your head… balance is an incredibly fleeting thing.

Perhaps balance is the wrong goal.  Maybe there is something even better, with more power to help us through all of life’s challenges.  A stronger word that burns more brightly and is easier to hold onto and control.

But what if we just tried to be more careful with all of the words we use when creating our stories, so that we don’t bind ourselves to a horror tale of our own devising?  After all, we are all creative people in one way or another.  And what we think today will add meaning to everything we do tomorrow.

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