How much do we really need to do?

The last few weeks have been very busy.  Too busy.  But the rush around me is settling down now and I made it through.  As we head into one of the busiest times of the year, I wonder how many people will be able to make that call without judging themselves for it…

Much of the literature out there puts forth the idea that if you know your weaknesses, you can bolster, train and control yourself, making yourself better at those things that don’t come naturally to you.  But I was recently introduced to another idea: that if you know what you are truly good at, you can let go of the need to succeed at everything else as well.

See the difference?  You must find a way to do the things you aren’t good at and don’t really enjoy — or — you can do the things you like to do and are good at.

Imagine a world where everyone does the things they are naturally good at, leaving the things they aren’t good at for other people who are really good at those things…  It’s the things we are good at that engage and focus us (usually).  Has forcing yourself to do a task you don’t like and aren’t very good at ever engaged you?  Motivated you to feel positive about yourself and your effort?  Made you feel that you did something that has helped build a world that you love?  Or did you chide yourself for inattention and poor results and walked away emotionally drained?

It is the judgement we inflict upon ourselves for not doing everything well all the time that overwhelms.

Several months after finding (or being found by) this idea, I no longer feel so out of control, so driven by events or needs around me and that means that I can better respond to the messages from within.

This isn’t about chucking the jobs that need to be done.  It is about creating space to consult or reconnect to intuition, emotion and everything natural, without judgement, without shame.  It’s about telling yourself to stop, put something down, consider a task done ‘well enough’ and, more importantly, it’s about forgiving yourself for doing these things.

How much energy–physical and mental–do you think that can free up for the things you love to do?

Go on.  Put some energy into something you are good at, that strengthens the people around you, that you enjoy doing, that makes you feel positive, that energizes you and feeds the life you CHOOSE to build.

Oddly enough–despite the crocheting, the herb crafting, the online studying, the spur of the moment dance routines in the kitchen, the yoga class, the gardening and the cycling and going to babysit my niece and nephew even on a school night–the dishes are still getting done.

There are many fine folks writing about this kind of philosophy.  The particular program I took is called Discover Your Sacred Gifts.



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