The challenge

After rereading the first post, I think that I have set myself a daunting challenge.  I have set myself up as someone who has some answers when I am simply a person trying hard to create a life that makes sense in a civilization that I find nonsensical.

I think I give up a little more each year.  Balance cannot be found in an arbitrary world where the laws of nature are challenged at every turn and the clock reigns over the biological.

Life is messy, unpredictable, dirty, unexpected and even a little bit smelly.

Sanitize it and it dies.

The balance comes from letting life be what life is.  I find hope in that thought.  Life is bigger than we are and we cannot make a law that will make it smaller.  We carry life around with us every day, everywhere and cannot build a structure that will keep it out.

That’s not too hard to understand.  But, in the glare of all the lightbulbs and the reminders of every financial transaction beeping out from our little screens of civilization, it is so easy to forget.

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