Once upon a time, we belonged to nature.

Nature was our only forum, our only pharmacy and our only grocery store.  Nature was our playground, school, workplace and battle ground.  Mankind traveled, lived, learned, toiled, and played in nature without the contraptions and institutions we now work so hard to buy, own, build, manage and join.  Without approvals, recommendations and prescriptions.

There was no choice but to be a natural creature.  And that natural creature had only to live.

That is the biological imperative, the instinct that underpins every action we take every day despite the fact that we are now acting in a sphere of man-made interaction.

We use words like philosophy, economy and morality to define what is good and what is bad where once nature made it instantly clear whether our actions were going to work for us or against us.  What makes sense in our world is wholly dismissed from the instincts that cry out to us at every moment but we are deafened by the noise we have built around us and do not hear the warnings of body and mind.  Even if we do, many of us have forgotten that language.

We can act in both the natural and the man-made worlds but we still belong to nature.  It is our connection with the natural creature inside us that is important, that separates where we act from who we are.  No matter how we are raised or what we are taught, ultimately it is up to us whether we remember or forget our true self.

Our decision.

We can be natural in both worlds.  We can also be man-made in both worlds.  Or man-made in only one world.

I have decided to try to remember who I truly am and let a little bit of nature into the man-made world around me.  Anybody want to join me?

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